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Romantic European Getaways That You Wouldn’t Expect: Amsterdam and Bruge

Posted on Jun 14, 2009 by in Europe | 0 comments

There is a lot of literature written on Europe, and one thing that Europe is almost always depicted as is a romantic getaway for couples or lovers to spend their time in. When it comes to romance, each country has its unique selling points, all of them full of Old World charm and beautiful architecture and countryside. Many see Paris as the first destination to go for a romantic getaway, yet there’s more to Europe than just France.

Landmark monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe sound romantic themselves when spoken by the French. Another city on the wish list of the romantic couple is Venice, home of the gondola. But there are romantic areas all over the world, and there are cities and regions of Europe that are frequently overlooked as romantic but are as scenic or architecturally impressive as any other. Wales, for one, with its rolling hills and “green, green grass”. The cities of Central and Eastern Europe have much of their centuries old architecture still intact and are equally impressive.

Amsterdam is familiar to some as a centre for hedonism and excess. Like Venice, it has its canals. There is culture in Amsterdam, and not as much of it is about stoner counter culture as you might think. A museum named after Van Gogh is one favorite spot, where many of his works and those of his contemporaries are on display. The Rijks Museum, meanwhile, plays host to the works of Rembrandt and is literally a stone’s throw from the former museum.

Singel Canal’s Flower Market is just one place from which you can get your tulips. If you have green fingers, the tulip bulbs are fantastic for gardens and window boxes. However, if you’re taking them home with you, you may need to clear your botany collection with Customs!

If you’re peckish after a tour of the cultural amenities, you may want to eat at the floating restaurant known as the Sea Palace. It serves Chinese dishes and is included in many packages that are available to tourists.

Amsterdam has been called the “Venice of the north”, but another city that vies for that title is Bruge in Belgium. Like Amsterdam, it has its canals and there are romantic boat trips available for lovers.

Horse drawn carriages are another attraction in Bruge. Like the beautiful cities of the former Eastern bloc countries, there is some remarkable architecture in Bruge. Its churches and houses are made in both Gothic and Romanesque styles. The tombs of the Burgundy dukes are located in Bruge. Sculpture can be found in the guise of Michelangelo’s Madonna, a masterpiece hewn from marble.

There is lace sold in the city; the fabric is known for its beauty and the intricate design and fine quality. The Lake of Love lives up to its name and the Minnewaterpark is nearby. One suggestion is to take your loved one to a romantic lakeside picnic. The Choco-History Museum is a favorite of chocolate addicts. Belgium is one of the homes of chocolate, like Switzerland.

So before you decide to take a break in one of the more famous centers of romance such as Venice or Paris, check out other destinations like Amsterdam and Bruge.

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