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Oft Overlooked Romantic European Getaways in Turkey, Spain and Germany

Posted on Jul 3, 2009 by in Europe | 0 comments

Not many people have heard of Cappadocia, but it’s one of the finest examples of an overlooked European getaway for romantics. Located in Turkey, it is regarded as a place of natural beauty and well worth a visit whether you’re with your lover or a fellow lover of ancient history. Archeology buffs will love Cappadocia, also known as the beautiful horses’ land. As part of Asia Minor, it has been occupied by Hittites, Persians, and Romans, all of whom made the mark in the area.

Hotels in the region often have rooms carved out of the volcanic rock. There are also underground cities – Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. Byzantine frescoes are to be found in churches that also have been hewn from the caves and there are geological features known as fairy chimneys. These geological formations are located in Goreme National Park. There are also hot air balloon rides available. The balloon rides are a wonderful way to take in the unusual landscape of the national park. Turkey straddles both Europe and Asia, so it’s a great country to visit if you want to see a fine mix of cultures.

Castilla la Marcha in Spain is another destination for romantics. The word quixotic means impractically romantic and chivalrous and the word stems from the novel Don Quixote by Cervantes. The novel itself is set in Castilla la Marcha. The novel features the windmills that can be found in the area and there are fields of sunflowers and many castles there too.

The windmills have a starring role in the novel. Also found in the area is the World Heritage Site of Toledo and it is a fantastic destination for romantics. With its architecture of synagogues and cathedrals, palaces and fortresses, Toledo is well worth a tour. It also features Arab architecture and a palace called Alcazar that was once held by the Romans. The River Tagus can be seen beneath Toledo which is located on a mountaintop, and its panoramic view is best observed at Parador de Toledo, a manor house.

Fussen in Germany is a town found at the bottom of the Bavarian Alps and it is regarded as a very scenic area. A picture postcard place for lovers of fairy tales and medieval towns, its lakes and beautiful castles won’t disappoint. Neuschwanstein Castle is just one of the many places to visit and it is a major draw for tourists and visitors to the region.

The castle is also renowned as hopeless romantic and fairy tale King Ludwig II’s residence, as well as the inspiration for the castle to be found in the Sleeping Beauty story. The Hohenschwangau is also nearby. Fussen is thought to be the birthplace of both the European lute and the violin. Concerts of all sorts are staged in the area, so there may be one on during your stay. Also available are any number of workshops for tourists to learn about the trades that for many years helped to run the economy.

When people think of a romantic European destination, they may believe that places such as Venice, Paris and Rome are the three cities of most importance when it comes to love. But frequently overlooked travel destinations in Turkey, Spain, Germany, and elsewhere, are can be equally romantic.

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