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Kayak Tours For Adventurers In Quadra Island, BC

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Quadra Island is now one of the most popular tourist destinations for kayaking in the entire region of British Columbia. Right at the doorstep of the Discovery Islands, you will see the stunning coastal inlets of Desolation Sound surrounded by picturesque landscapes and crystal clear waters. Whether you are going to have your first kayak experience or you want to plan your own multi-day tour, local guides for sea kayaking will always be ready to help you get on the water. Here are some of the top companies that offer kayak tours in Quadra Island, BC.


Coast Mountain Expeditions

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Coast Mountain Expeditions offers sea kayak tours and affordable accommodation at their secluded waterfront lodges. Wildlife tours, multi-day expeditions, and marine park day trips are only some of the local tours they offer. They also have affordable packages that include quality equipment, kayaking instruction, and certified guides. If you hate preparing your own food, you will also enjoy the mouth-watering homemade meals that Coast Mountain Expeditions offers. The company continues to rely on local people who have a complete understanding of the area so they can easily show you the best marine and rainforest environments in the stunning Quadra Island.

The good-natured kayak guides of Coast Mountain Expeditions are also committed to making sure that the time you will spend in Quadra Island will be safe and memorable. Two guides will be assigned to accompany guests for each kayaking trip. Local guides have also earned a certification in First Aid. They were also recognized by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, the largest regulatory organization for professional kayak guides in North America. Once you have decided to embark on a sea kayaking adventure in Quadra Island, you have to remember that no other company will serve you better than Coast Mountain Expeditions could.

Coast Mountain Expeditions will also design a kayaking trip around Quadra Island in the Discovery Islands. Their crew will guide you as you explore various kayaking routes amidst the marine parks, rainforest islands, and diverse wildlife of British Columbia. During the trip, you will also get the chance to enjoy stunning views of British Columbias majestic Coast Mountains. With over 20 years of experience in guiding sea kayaking tours, Coast Mountain Expeditions can guarantee you with the best sea kayaking adventure you will ever experience. Their day trips are best for experienced paddlers who will never turn away from a good challenge.

Quadra Island Kayaks

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Do you want to join Quadra Islands experts in an exciting kayak tour? Quadra Island Kayaks can provide you with exciting tours, equipment rentals, and interesting kayak lessons from their waterfront location near Heriot Bay. They offer full day paddles, half day paddles, and sunset paddles from 6 am to 9 am. Every package also includes delicious meals that will prepare you for a tiring day of kayaking. For over fifteen years, Quadra Island Kayaks has already cemented its status as the best tour company that makes great memories for couples and families. Even those who are new to kayaking expeditions will surely enjoy the adventures that this company offers.

Quadra Island Kayaks also became popular among tourists and residents because they prioritize the comfort of every client they will serve. They also offer custom trips for those who wish to tailor an outdoor adventure that best suits their needs and preferences. While it is best to book a trip before you arrive in British Columbia, you can still join one of their tours without a reservation as long as the wind and weather seems perfect. With a little help from their professional staff, you can finally enjoy an entire night of paddling in sheltered waters without feeling nervous or uneasy.

Quadra Island Kayaks also offers a 3-day kayak tour for experienced and beginning paddlers. During this magical outdoor adventure, you will get the chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape and rich history of Quadra Island. While exploring the historical region, its superb coastal waters will surely make the trip more memorable than any kayak tour you have been into. During the tour, you can also drop by the Small Inlet Marine Provincial Park and take delight in its abundant wildlife and lush forests. Once you reach the inlet, your guides will assist you in landing the kayaks and allow you to journey by foot on the First Nations portage trail.

Out for Adventure

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Have you always wanted to try sea kayaking with the thrilling killer whales? Out for Adventure offers amazing tours that will surely make your next kayaking experience seem memorable than the first trips you had. This socially responsible adventure business is dedicated to providing educational and fun wilderness trips. Every person behind Out for Adventure also cares about clients and the experience they will get. With this tour company, you can expect to receive quality gear, enjoy great food, and experience a carefully planned tour that will surely make your trip to British Columbia seem worthwhile.

Out for Adventure also continues to receive positive feedback from previous clients so you can be sure that they can deliver as promised. Their reputation is second to none when it comes to providing safe and memorable paddling adventures for tourists and locals alike. With their fine attention to details, they also succeed in providing clients with quality tours that will go exactly as planned. Most of their guests have also recommended them to friends and family, with some of them returning to Canada in order to schedule another kayak tour with their friendly guides.

Most tour companies that offer kayak adventures provide clients with guide training when the season begins. Out for Adventure offers far more than any other company could provide because it provides an intensive program to educate local guides about the proper way of treating customers. Unlike other companies, Out for Adventure also has the ideal guide-to-guest ratio. Every kayak tour they organize has an average group size of no more than ten guests so everyone in the group can get the undivided attention of their local guide. Obviously, the guide-to-guest ratio matters most to those who are new to kayaking.

These are only three of the best tour companies that offer kayak tours in Quadra Island, BC. Whether you wish to try kayaking or you just want to witness the beauty of Quadra Island, any of these three tour companies will help you create an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.

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