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Factories To Tour In Bologna

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Bologna in northern Italy is probably most well known for having the oldest university in the western world. It is a truly historical city that boasts one of the liveliest student populations throughout the land. It is a city where the ancient meets the modern day world in the most wonderful of ways and not many foreigners realize this.


The city itself is exquisite, with a typical architecture that is stunning. Red brick houses with lovely terracotta roofs and some of the most beautiful ‘porticos’ you’ll ever come across are everywhere to be in Bologna. Famed for its theatres and great nightlife Bologna, is also home to some of the finest cuisine in Italy. The ambiance of the place is just as gorgeous as the hues of burnt orange, warm yellows and terracotta reds, that are found here, hence the name of Bologna la Rossa, which translated means Bologna the Red.

Bologna, Italy by zoer, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  zoer 


Many foreigners are now discovering just how beautiful Bologna is and often take a stopover here when they are on their way to destinations like Milan, Venice and Florence. They realize what wonderful Italian cuisine is to be had in the many traditional restaurants and they also discover that there are quite a few factories worth visiting here too.

The great part about visiting these well known factories, is that there are some very good tours organized around them which take you right into the heart of a motoring culture that has made Italy famous in another way which of course is motor racing and superbly stylish cars as well as motorbikes. Bologna is  where super cars like Ferrarri, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maseratis and Ducati are produced and if like me you have always dreamt of owning one of these magnificently elite cars, then a tour round a factory where they are actually produced is quite a treat.

The great thing about these organized tours is that you are taken in style to the motor-valley of Bologna. Not only do you get to tour around the factories but you get to visit some of the most interesting motor museums in the world. In these museums there is an abundance of motoring history, technologies that were used on these mega cars which is how they have become to be the performance and prestigious cars that many people all over the globe aspire to own.

There are loads of tours to choose from which offer itineraries to suit most people, and they offer a great experience and adventure as well as being very educational. If you are into bikes then a visit to the Ducati factory is going to be your idea of heaven. This Italian bike has made its mark on motor cycle fans all over the world for a very long time and the factory here in Bologna is immensely proud of not only their reputation in the biking world, but of their superb factory and the way they have evolved over time to produce some of the best motor bikes on the planet.

Ducati Factory, Bologna



Thousands of Ducati bike fans visit the factory every year and this factory with all the workers, designers and staff in general have been making the Ducati dream come true since 1926. The museum is superb and full of stories and various models of their bikes that riders used to win races on throughout the world. If you want to learn about the history of Ducati, the museum holds all the information you would ever need to know about the company right from the moment it was set up to the present day.

For formula one fans, of which I am one, a tour around the Ferrari factory in Bologna is a must. There are packages organized for Ferrari owners who get to drive themselves in a brand new car to the factory after they have been picked up from their chosen location, i.e. airport, hotel or place of their choice, so they can then take a visit around the factory, now that to my mind is pure Italian style, However, for the likes of me and those like me, there are other deals to be had which means a great tour around the place. Again the museum that’s housed here is well worth a visit as there is so much history about Ferrari housed in it, making a tour a really brilliant way to spend an afternoon.

Ferrari Factory


IMGP4813 by gabif1fan, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  gabif1fan 


Of course, not everybody is into fast, stylish and very prestigious cars so there are other factories in Bologna to take a tour around. This lovely often forgotten town also produces some of the best chocolate in Italy. And in true Italian style there are some guided tours around the factory where these sugary delights are made. The really nice part about this tour is that you get to sample the chocolate and take some home with you, sadly this is not the case when you visit the car factories where you get to look but not take either a car of motor bike home with you.

Bologna is full of architectural heritage and wondrous sights that date back to ancient times. But it is also a city that is full of lovely surprises and this includes the more industrial side of it. Their motoring heritage is outstanding and a tour around the factories is a real pleasure. See how the ‘Red Team’ does it, is more than just interesting and it shows another splendid aspect of Italy that we don’t often see.

As for the chocolate factory, who could resist. Italy is known for its fine food, delicious cheeses, pastries to die for and gelatos that have you going back to buy a second one, so it stands to reason that the chocolate in Italy is bound to be out of this world, and it is.

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