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Explore The Mountain Treks in Sardinia

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The lovely island of Sardinia just begs to be visited and explored, this little bit of paradise in the Med has a great deal to offer travellers who arrive here to recharge their batteries. A few days on the splendid beaches pampering yourself in the crystal clear waters goes a long way to do just this. Whether it is diving or snorkelling or maybe one of the many other marvellous water activities that you are looking forward to, Sardinia has them all.


Exploring this island means seeing all the historical sites that are found in the cities, towns and villages and one way of discovering the natural beauty of Sardinia is go trekking through the incredible landscapes and countryside. You can go on organized treks on foot, or you may like to consider a horse trek through the spectacular regions of the island. But going on one of the organised ones means you really get to see the best of the island and all that nature here has to offer.

All the trails are really well marked throughout the island and with a choice of spectacular coastal walks or mountain treks that take you through incredible landscapes, especially in the Nuoro region which is in the centre of the island, there are many trails to consider doing.

Nuoro, Sardinia Pictures




One of the best times to go off trekking in Sardinia is during the springtime, when all the blossoms and flowers are at their best. The weather is perfect as it is not as hot as later on in the year, especially during the very hot summer months. Make sure you take some really comfortable walking boots with you because some of the terrain in Sardinia is pretty rugged to say the least.


One of the most beautiful and wildest regions is along the Orosei Gulf. The Selvaggio Blu, which translated is the Wild Blue Trek, offers trekkers a really unique experience. You start off from the lovely town of Santa Maria Navarrese and this trail goes through some of the most beautiful countryside in a valley that gives out onto the superb beach of Cala Sisine. This is one of the most incredibly beautiful gulfs in Sardinia. The great part about this particular trek is that if you want to do it all, then it should take you six days to complete. Of course you get to cool off in the water crystal clear blue waters of the gulf whenever you please, so this is a huge plus about the trail which goes south to north along the coast. The terrain is pretty rocky and rugged in some places, but this is all part of the fun of taking this particular trail and the vistas are just amazing!

Gulf Of Orosei





You have to be really quite fit to do or take part in this trek, so it is not for the feint of heart. The organised trek gets you accommodation, which is under the stars, such tents or bivouacs. Food and drinks are included and this is organized by the guide who takes the trek through the six days. It is a challenging trek, so it is best to get a guide and take part in an organized 6 day trek. The guides really know the trail well, so no chance of getting lost!

If driving through a rugged terrain is more to your liking, then there are organised excursions along Bosa, the Alghero coastline. You get to go in a Land Rover which takes you from the coast then inland to the superb mountainous region north of Bosa. It is here you will see Sardinia’s griffon vultures which only survive here on the island. This is very rugged terrain and the vultures sit high on the peaks, then glide high in the sky above these beautiful mountain ranges. This is a great organized day out where you really get back in touch with nature.

View Of Bosa


Some of the best organized treks on Sardinia are planned by the Cooperative Ghivine which is a group of guys who founded this great trekking organisation as friends of the Group for Environmental Searches of Dorgali. So their mission is a really good one and this is to find and preserve all the marvellous archaeological sites around the area. To promote excursions that really get trekkers back to nature in a fantastic natural way. Their guided treks that take you through the mountains and elsewhere, are supremely well organised and with a selection of hikes on offer, you are bound to find one that both interests and suits you. They also work very closely with schools, universities and other groups that come to the island on archaeological searches. These guys really do know their stuff, so if you are looking for a trekking experience that is really educational as well, these are the guys for you.

The superb historical mining regions of Sardinia are other regions of the island that have some amazing trails through them, and the really unique ones are found in the area of Iglesiente. This wild region hides many historical secrets in its undergrowth that are just waiting to be found. There are abandoned mining villages, which are now ghost towns and everywhere you look, there is evidence of a once thriving mining industry. Today the region is quiet and calm, a place where nature has once again taken hold of the landscapes and countryside in her own unique Sardinian way. The bushland and countryside is simply superb around here. Organised treks through this gorgeous region are highly recommended as being a unique experience that visitors and travellers to this gorgeous island would never be able to forget.

Abandoned Mining Town In Sardinia




Sardinia has everything you could possibly imagine to make a holiday perfect. If you have a passion for something, no matter what it may be, you will find here on this little bit of paradise. Trekking whether on foot, on horseback or in a 4×4 could not get any better than through the amazing countryside and mountain regions of Sardinia.

Exploring a new country is an adventure and when you discover the wonders of nature on the trails here, then you have to just stop and wonder at the beauty of it all.

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