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Dog Sled Tours in the Halliburton Highlands, Ontario

Posted on Jan 24, 2012 by in Canada | 1 comment

Dog sled tours in Halliburton Highlands are certainly second to none. Its peaceful, stunning, and relaxing scenery is truly to die for. Dogsledding in Ontario is a great way to get away from it all while enjoying quality time with your family and friends. As the woods slip past, you will feel relaxed while listening to the crunch of the snow under the sled, the panting of the dogs, and the muffled sounds in the depth of a lush forest. With a little help from companies that offer dog sled tours, you can even learn how to manage a team of dogs on your own.



Winterdance, an Ontario dogsledding tour company, mainly operates in Halliburton Highlands, Canada. This family-run business is dedicated to helping tourists and locals discover the thrill of dogsledding or learning to drive a team of dogs. Nature lovers will also enjoy a dogsledding tour because it will allow them to enjoy the stunning scenery in Halliburton Highlands. If you are looking forward to a more personal experience, you can also consider making a reservation for a public tour. Winterdance will also share their passion for dogsledding as a sport so you will surely appreciate their well trained dogs after an entire day of dogsledding.

Winterdance’s Huskies


Most of the dogs that Winterdance takes care of are Siberian Huskies. These sled dogs will steal your heart and will help you enjoy a perfect outdoor adventure, a memorable family vacation, or a romantic escape to a winter wonderland. With over 140 pure-bred Siberian Huskies, Winterdance will give you access to the most beautiful dogsled breed. All of their dogs also have wonderful and unique personalities that will surely keep you motivated as you try learning the trade of guiding a team of dogs. The company also has 15 years of experience in the business so you can be sure that they know exactly what they are doing.

Why choose Winterdance?

Winterdance is the only dogsledding tour company in Halliburton Highlands that offers great packages at an affordable price. The dog team you chose will be completely outfitted with all the food and beverage they will need for a half-day, full-day, or even an overnight tour. All of their sleds also have a wooden basket style, with soft cushions for a comfortable ride and warm fleece blankets for extra warmth. Aside from group dogsled tours, the company also offers extra gimmicks for special occasions. After choosing the dogsledding tour you prefer, Winterdance will immediately introduce you to an amazing outdoor adventure that you will never regret.

Do you want to share your dogsledding experience with your family or friends? If you prefer working in a group, Winterdance can provide you with a complete package for various lengths of time. Some packages they provide include outdoor cooked lunches, sleigh rides, overnight camping, and other outdoor activities. Their certified tour guides and instructors can handle as much as 60 people for a same-day package. Children who are below sixteen years old are also welcome but they should always be accompanied by an adult. If you want to request some extras for a special occasion, Winterdance will be more than willing to make the arrangements for you.

Call of the Wild

Winterdance is not the only company that offers dog sled tours in Halliburton Highlands. Call of the Wild is very popular because they offer exciting winter activities such as snowshoeing, snowmobile safaris, cross country skiing, and dog sledding expeditions. All of the trips they organize are held in Ontario’s beautiful areas. Whether you want to explore the Halliburton Highlands or you just want to see the beauty of Killarney and Algonquin Park during winter, Call of the Wild will always have something in store for you. These activities are perfect for viewing the diverse wildlife of Ontario, or just relaxing as you slide down beautiful snow-capped hills.


The Algonquin Park, another popular tourist destination in Ontario, is popular for its wide range of canoe routes. It is actually the best place to hear wolves growl in the distance or watch beavers do their thing. During winter, Call of the Wild can reveal another side of Algonquin Park through an exciting dog sledding expedition. Most of the adventure trips they offer are also perfect for anyone who wishes to live life to the fullest and experience the joys of skiing through a winter wonderland. Those who wish to see the beauty of Algonquin Park can also take advantage of the snowmobile safaris that this company offers.

Why choose Call of the Wild?

Call of the Wild is one of the most reliable tour companies that offer dog sledding expeditions in Halliburton Highlands. This family-run business schedules tours individually so you will no longer need to wait in line just to get a chance to ride the dogsled you picked. By scheduling every outdoor adventure individually, Call of the Wild can make sure that everyone in your group is experiencing the joys of having the undivided attention of your tourist guide. If you are looking forward to learning how to handle a team of dogs, you will also appreciate how Call of the Wild helps clients learn at their own pace by treating them according to their skill level.

At first glance, you will probably thing that the sled dogs of Call of the Wild are just the average mutt. However, their sled dogs actually help them lure in more customers. Instead of using Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes, Call of the Wild chose to take care of the king of the trail the Alaskan Husky. You will also love their dogsledding tours because their Alaskan Huskies are well trained, fit, and motivated to help clients reach their destination. All of their sled dogs are also successful racing dogs so you will surely fall in love with their motivation to pull and run their hardest at all times.

Call of the Wild and Winterdance are only two of the most popular tour companies that offer dogsledding expeditions. While no one knows for sure whether Alaskan Huskies really perform better than Siberian Huskies, the competition between these two companies continues to stiffen. However, both companies have continued receiving positive feedback from clients so both of them will surely give you the best value for your money.

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  1. This place looks cool and beautiful, we never been to Ontario before, but we are now planning for a tour in the US by end of this year, maybe will include this highlander in our itinerary:)


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