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Cape Bretons Most Pristine National Parks to Visit

Posted on Dec 9, 2011 by in Canada | 0 comments

Cape Breton is home to many wonderful and breathtaking parks. It houses beautiful sceneries that connect you to nature. The marvelous skyline is connected to the green mountains while the beaches connect themselves to the base of the mountains. You will be bombarded with breathtaking scenery after breathtaking scenery. You must be asking yourself where will you go if there are so many sights to see?


This article will take you on an adventure through the beautiful parks and beaches that Cape Breton has to offer.

Sights & Sounds

Fortress of Louisbourg


The Fortress of Louisbourg will take you back to the 18th century because it is a reconstruction of the French towns that were built during that time. Get to experience a piece of history when you visit this breathtaking fortress. Make your own memories as you relive the 18th century in Cape Breton. The busy harbor that surrounds the Fortress was once home to military bases and trading zones of France.

The Bras DOr


The Bras DOr is a beautiful lake filled with different kinds of flora and fauna. Experience nature at its finest as you see the Bras DOr in its majestic splendor. Be amazed by the ecological structure of the beautiful lake. This lake is also a sacred location for the Mikmaq.

St. Lawrence Bay & Meat Cove


These two fishing villages will give you a fresh take on the ecology of Cape Breton. These two fishing villages provide you with whale tours and fresh seafood during your stay. Go fishing and be amazed by the whales during your stay.

Les Trois Pignons

The Les Trois Pignon will give you a taste of history as it showcases the Museum of the Acadian. You will see Acadian culture and artifacts of this once thriving civilization. The antiques and the relics you will see will take you back through time.

The National Historic Site of Alexander Graham Bell

The historical site will take you back to the discoveries of Alexander graham Bell. Learn about his inventions and the discoveries he has made that changed the course of history.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The Highlands National park is the pride and joy of Cape Breton. It is home to one of the most breathtaking natural sceneries in Cape Breton. The Highlands Park in Cape Breton is the second largest in Atlantic Canada. The park is home to the world renowned Cabot Trail. The park paints a picture of Acadian culture and the rich history of Atlantic Canada.

The Highlands Park is known for the scenic overland route, Cabot Trail. When you drive through the trail you will be bombarded by nature and mountains. The marvelous mountain landscape will draw out oohs ad ahhs. The bears and moose are aplenty within the park. You can drive through the trail or go on a hike to bask at the majestic imagery that will bathe your eyes.

The best way to go around the park is by car because of the long trails and roads that you will have to cross to see the entire park. If you choose to go on a hike, there are areas in the interior that cannot be passed because of the forest and steep mountains. But there are pathways where humans can cross and marvel at the scenery.

There are plenty of things to do once you are inside the park. You can go kayaking by the lake or watch animals in their natural habitat. You can also play golf in Ingonish if you have seen enough of the scenery. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from once you get tired of hiking or doing any activity that you want to do. There are also camp sites for the nature lovers who want to stay a day or two at the National Highlands Park. Campsites include Ingonish, Cheticamp, Broad Cove, and Corney Brook among others. There are gift stores in Ingonish and Cheticamp if you want to take a piece of the park home with you.

The Highlands Park is home to many hiking trails that you can enjoy. Here is a list of trails that you can try for yourself:


This hiking trail will take you through Nova Scotia and its marvelous landscapes and beautiful coastlines. This trail has a length of 9.6 km.

Fishing Cove

The Fishing Cove is the perfect trail for the sea adventurers. You can walk on the coastlines and enjoy the scenery with your friends and loved ones. It is surrounded by a majestic coastline and has a total length of 16 km that includes the return trip.

Lone Shieling

You will enjoy this trail because of the sugary maple trees that have lived for more than three centuries. The hiking path contains a hut modeled after a Scottish crofters lodgings hundreds of years ago. Enjoy the magnificent scenery that the mountains and forests have to offer when you decide to take this trail.


You will get to see ancient forestry as you traverse the pathways of MacIntosh Brook. Catch a glimpse of a waterfall kissing the edges of the mountain with its soft diamond like hair. Take pictures or stay awhile to watch the beauty of nature unfold in front of your eyes.

Glasgow Lakes Lookoff

Get a spectacular view of the plateaus, mountains, and sandy areas once you travel through the Glasgow Lakes Lookoff. The majestic scenery will take your breath away and make you stop and stare for a while. Marvel at the scenic views of the lake and other mountainous areas.


This route will give you a serene view of the coastline that surrounds Cape Breton. You can either go bird watching or whale watching while you traverse this trail. The majestic scenery makes for a beautiful backdrop for a group of intimate friends and family.

There are plenty of things to do while you are at Cape Breton. You can choose which destination you would like to go to. There are plenty of choices for the adventurous, sporty or the laid back hiker.

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