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Best Ways to Tour Montreal, QC

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When it comes to taking a tour around picturesque Montreal, Canada’s second largest city, options are plentiful. You can board a boat and cruise down the St Lawrence River; see the major sights on foot, accompanied by an expert guide, or zip through the busy streets on an electric scooter.


Urban Marmotte Walking Tours

Every Tuesday at midday and every Thursday at 10am, Urban Marmotte’s guides meet travellers for an epic five-hour long walking tour. For just $16, an entertaining and enthusiastic expert shows visitors both the famous sights and the not-so-famous hidden gems of Montreal.

The tour passes through downtown and along St Catherine Street. The guide explains where “old Montreal” meets “new Montreal,” giving you an insight into the impact of modern development on some parts of the city. You enjoy an exotic lunch in Chinatown before heading into some of Montreal’s alternate districts, including the Quartier des Spectacles, the Latin Quarter and the trendy, urbane Plateau, popular with artists and musicians.




You do not need to book ahead with Urban Marmotte – just turn up at the exit of Lucien-L’Allier Metro Station, where your guide will be waiting for you at the times mentioned above.

Dyad Cycles E-Scooters + E-Bikes Tours

At Dyad Cycles, which you’ll find at 80 Prince-Arthur Est, you can take a fun-filled tour through Montreal on either electric scooter or electric bicycle. You can enjoy being in the open air, without having to endure the exhaustion and strain of actually cycling, and the speed enables you to cover a lot of ground in one day.

Dyad Cycles offers traditional guided tours on a daily basis as well as custom tours. For custom tours, Dyad Cycles provides you with a “local buddy,” who designs your tour itinerary according to your particular needs or areas of interest. You can ask for a specific number of stops, visit one section of the city only or request the incorporation of a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary. A “local buddy,” who must be hired for a minimum of two hours, costs $30 an hour. This is in addition to the price of renting your vehicle.

If you fall in love with your electric bicycle or scooter, you can hire it from Dyad Cycles for the rest of your stay. If you have any questions, or would like to book, you can call them on 438-380-9880.


Montreal Segway Experience Center


In the past few years, the Segway Personal Transporter has become an increasingly popular tour option in cities all over the world. There is no experience quite like gliding around a city on a Segway.

The Montreal Segway Experience Center organizes Segway tours around the famous Parc John-Drapeau. The Center prides itself on hiring guides who have intimate knowledge of Montreal and are able to engage the attention of their tour groups with funny anecdotes and unusual facts. You will leave the tour feeling as though you have learnt a lot.

Two-hour “History” and “Eco” Tours cost $79, while the one-hour Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Tour costs $39. You can also opt for a custom tour at the rate of $99 for two hours. You will find the Montreal Segway Experience Center at 75 Chemin McDonald and call on 438-887-7349. It is open between 11am and 6pm Sunday through Thursday and between 10am and 7pm on Friday and Saturday. The tour schedule is susceptible to change due to poor weather, so it is a good idea to call in advance.

Fantomes Montreal Ghosts

An unusual and exciting take on the tour experience is offered by Fantomes Montreal Ghosts, at 360 Rue Saint-Francois-Xavier St. Departing at 8.30pm on designated evenings, the “Traditional Ghost Walk East Side” or “Traditional Ghost Walk West Side” takes visitors on a spooky journey through Old Montreal, to sites where significant and often frightening historical events have occurred. This tour shows you the dark and unexplored side of the Canadian city.

Lasting about ninety minutes, the walk costs $21.50 for adults, $18.50 for students and $12.50 for children aged 12 and under. You can book tickets from 7.30pm on the evening or make reservations by calling 514-844-4021.

Rafting Montreal

Montreal’s stunning waterways and thrilling Lachine rapids offer the adventurous tour options of rafting or jet-boating. Since 1992, “Les Excursions rapides de Lachine” has been creating memorable experiences for visitors.


When it comes to rafting, there are two types of tour available, both lasting for two hours and fifteen minutes. The “family” tour travels along a gentle section of the St Lawrence River, which can be enjoyed by small children and adults. The “adventure” tour takes visitors on a wild adventure, including the rapids known as Big John, Devil’s Drop and Louis Leap. A rafting tour costs $41 for adults, $36 for teenagers aged 13 to 18, $24 for children aged 6 to 12 and $113 for a family.


The jet boating tour costs $50 for an adult, $40 for a teenager, $30 for a child and $136 for a family and continues for one hour and fifteen minutes. Wet weather gear and all equipment are included in the price, but you would be wise to take a change of clothes with you, because you are unlikely to remain dry by the end of your tour.

The starting point, at 3222 Lapierre, is easy to reach on public transport, but, if you prefer to drive, parking is free. It is essential to make a reservation by calling 1800 324 7238.

Montreal Amphi-Bus Tour


Since August 22nd, 1985, Amphi Tours Inc. has been taking curious visitors on its “Amphi-Bus,” a special vehicle that can travel on both land and water. “Amphi-Tours” is owned and operated by Jacques Tourigny, who actually designed and created the “Amphi-Bus.”


The tour passes most of Montreal’s important landmarks, all explained by a knowledgeable guide, before cruising on the beautiful St Lawrence River, from which you can witness stunning views of Mount Royal and the city’s spectacular skyline. Visitors learn a lot about Montreal’s history, architecture and significance as a Canadian city. In 1990, Amphi Tours Inc. received Quebec Tourism’s Prize of Excellence, the Ulysses Prize.

You will find Amphi Tours at the intersection of De La Commune Street and St-Laurent Boulevard.

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