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Best Concert Halls in Montreal You Need to Experience

Posted on Dec 9, 2011 by in Canada | 0 comments

A well-performed concert has the power to change your life. However, even the best concert will not seem as great as it really is if you watched it in the wrong location. Sure, the performers are probably the reason why you bought that ticket in the first place. But if you try to consider the comfort level and sound quality of the best gigs you have attended, they may point back to certain concert halls that appealed to your senses most. Read on to learn more about the most impressive and well-constructed concert halls that you will find in the city of Montreal.

Getting to know Montreal

Montreal is home to Canadas best concert halls. In fact, the Monocle Magazine refers to Montreal as the cultural capital of Canada. It is the only place in Canada where you will get the chance to watch French television productions, internationally-acclaimed films, and world-class theatre performances. The numerous cultural communities in Montreal have also given it a distinct culture of its own. While it shares many cultural characteristics of most cities in North America, it stands out for its tradition of producing both rock and jazz music. In fact, this city has also produced lots of talent in the fields of theatre, dance, visual arts, and music.

Montreal is the only place in Canada where English and French traditions meet but it has also developed a unique cultural face of its own. During summer, Montreal also holds a number of social and cultural events, particularly world-class festivals. The Just for Laughs comedy festival, the broadest cultural event in Montreal, has lured more and more tourists to Canada in the past years. Other festivals include the Pop Montreal, Montreal International Jazz Festival, Montreal Fireworks Festival, and the Montreal World Film Festival. These festive events have made Montreal one of the first cities that tourists visit during the summer season.

Places des Arts

Places des Arts is probably one of the best concert halls that you will find in the vibrant city of Montreal. As the major performing arts center in Quebec, Canada, and Montreal, it has become a popular gathering place for tourists and locals alike. It is located near the eastern portion of Montreal downtown, between de Maisonneuve and Ste-Catherine streets, and Jeanne-Mance and St-Ubrain streets. Its location is popularly known as Quartier des Spectacles, a huge entertainment complex that serves as the home to Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Opera de Montreal, and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.

Places des Arts was originally constructed in the initiative of Mayor Jean Drapeau, a noted admirer of opera, as a part of the project that is intended to expand the downtown core towards the concentration of financial and business activity in downtown Montreal. Its well-appointed halls feature music, ballet, and other performances that will surely make your stay in Montreal seem every penny it has cost you. Those who have watched opera performances at Place des Arts cannot stop talking about how luxurious the venue seems. They loved its seating and acoustics as well as its strategic location near the metro.

La Maison Symphonique

La Maison Symphonique, the newest concert hall in Montreal, has recently opened its doors to the public last September of 2011. Music lovers have been waiting for this event for over two decades, with the promise of previous provincial governments to build a new concert hall. After years of failed attempts, the new symphony hall of the city finally held a grand inaugural concert. The director of Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal, a prestigious orchestral group, refers to the new concert hall as a dream that their group has been waiting for through its 77 years in Montreals world-class music scene.

Architect Jack Diamond, the man behind this new opera house, designed the concert hall in such a way that the lobbies remain transparent and audience so that the entire city can see the audience. He also made use of curved walls to amplify the acoustics as well as boxes of Quebec beech to make the building seem more welcoming. The auditorium also sits on layers of steel pads and rubber in order to block the sounds coming from the outside. In this 2,100-seat concert hall, everyone gets the best view of the stage so even those who bought the cheapest tickets will still enjoy a great show.


Metropolis is also one of the best concert halls in Montreal. It is located near Places des Arts metro station. As a major performing arts center, this concert venue has already featured the best performers in the world. It can accommodate up to 2,350 people per concert so it has also been listed as one of the worlds best venues for rock concerts. While it started its life as a humble skating rink in 1984, it immediately became a prime showplace for bands and rock groups who are retracing their steps down. It has recently hosted David Bowie, Ben Harper, Martin & Wood, Joss Stone, and other popular music sensations.

When LEquipe Spectra acquired Metropolis in 1997, it immediately became one of the most popular venues for live performances. For the past few years, it has also hosted an array of great concerts by famous artists including Beck, Green Day, Bjork, the White Stripes, and Coldplay. La Fureur, a popular television show, was also filmed here on several occasions. While Metropolis hosts live performances as its primary purposes, it sometimes returns to its old habits, transforming into a reception hall for corporate events or a discotheque. When it is not used for musical performances and other shows, it also turns into a lively nightclub.

Metropolis, Places des Arts, and La Maison Symphonique have immediately cemented their reputation as the best concert halls that music and art lovers should include in their bucket list. Whether you are a huge fan of opera or you just want to catch the concert of your favorite rock band, Montreal can walk you through luxurious concert halls that will make those expensive concert tickets seem worth every penny they have cost you.

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